The right choice of battery for the right application is of utmost importance to improve the reliability of the system. Batteries are subjected to high and low temperatures, unpredictable charging, daily cycling as well as partial states of charge (PSOC) operations. Amara Raja apart from offering a wide range of solar batteries also provides an expert advice on the right choice of battery for a particular application that is according to the need and usage.


Range : 2 Volts 100 AH to 6120 AH

Technology : VRLA


Range : 2 Volts 300 AH to 5500 AH

Technology : VRLA


Range : 12 Volts , 26 AH to 200 AH

Technology : VRLA/TUBULAR

Backing up India's largest off-grid Solar Power Plant of 216KW at Leh, Jammu & Kashmir.